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A value for --with-lapack can be set via the environment variable LAPACK_LIBS , but this will only be used if --with-lapack is specified (as the default value is no ) and the library does not contain LAPACK.

Since ACML contains a full LAPACK, if selected as the it can be used as the LAPACK via --with-lapack .

If you do use --with-lapack , be aware of potential problems with bugs in the LAPACK sources (or in the posted corrections to those sources). In particular, bugs in DGEEV and DGESDD have resulted in error messages such as

. Other potential problems are incomplete versions of the libraries, seen several times in Linux distributions over the years.

Please do bear in mind that using --with-lapack is ‘definitely not recommended’: it is provided only because it is necessary on some platforms and because some users want to experiment with claimed performance improvements. Reporting problems where it is used unnecessarily will simply irritate the R helpers.

Note too the comments about /60559 compliance in the section of external : these apply equally to an external LAPACK, and for example the Intel MKL documentation has said

LAPACK routines assume that input matrices do not contain IEEE 754 special values such as INF or NaN values. Using these special values may cause LAPACK to return unexpected results or become unstable.

We rely on limited support in LAPACK for matrices with 2^{31} or more elements: it is possible that an external LAPACK will not have that support.

If you have a pure FORTRAN 77 compiler which cannot compile LAPACK it may be possible to use CLAPACK from by something like

provided these were built with position-independent code and the calling conventions for double complex function return values match those in the BLAS used, so it may be simpler to use CLAPACK built to use CBLAS and

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As with all libraries, you need to ensure that they and R were compiled with compatible compilers and flags. For example, this has meant that on Sun Sparc using the native compilers the flag -dalign is needed if sunperf is to be used.

On some systems it has been necessary that an external /LAPACK was built with the same FORTRAN compiler used to build R.

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configure has many options: running

Copy of RICO Suit Filed Against Howard Dickstein, Jeannine English, Joseph Dunn, Doug Winthrop In New York Federal Court
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Spire Law Group RICO Act Suit Against Alleged Racketeers Howard Dickstein, Spouse Jeannine Dickstein (AKA Jeannine English) , Douglas Winthrop, and Tom Girardi of Girardi Keese

Rumsey Band Rancheria vs. Howard Dickstein In a civil action filed against Attorney Howard Dickstein, spouse of State Bar of California BOG member Jeannine English, it was alleged Dickstein engaged in “a course of dealing that involved breaches of trust and violations of duties of the most basic, and, indeed, sacred kind.” Including, but not limited to, using the client’s plane for personal trips to the south of France, Big Sur and Grand Prix events in Monte Carlo and Montreal for which he owes the client $1.2 million. In statements to the media, Howard Dickstein referred to the allegations as a “pack of lies,” while disparaging his client. Dickstein also stated that he plans to fight the suit and “fight hard.” Appearing on behalf of defendant Dickstein was Elliot Peters of Keker Van Nest.

Lastly, amid conflicting reports and unanswered questions, The Leslie Brodie Report has launched a journalistic inquiry into persistent rumors Howard Dickstein was extended an offer to join Barack Obama’s White House.

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Four Loyola Law School alumni are poised to play pivotal roles in the impending litigation involving economic-loss, personal-injury and wrongful-death claims from reported instances of unintended acceleration in certain Toyota cars. On the defense side, Toyota recently hired Tom Nolan ’75 to serve as lead counsel in economic-loss cases. Arguing on behalf of the consumers will be three alumni: Tom Girardi ’64, Tony Rackauckas ’71 and Mark P. Robinson, Jr. ’71. Nolan, of Skadden Arps Slate Meagher Flom LLP, will help navigate the economic-loss cases in federal and state court. He represented MGA Entertainment in its high-profile litigation with Mattel over copyright infringement in the Bratz line of dolls. MGA was ultimately awarded $309 million in damages and fees. Nolan’s economic-loss case in front of Los Angele County Superior Court Judge Anthony J. Mohr is set to begin in September 2012. Loyola’s Civil Justice Program honored Nolan as a Champion of Justice in 2007.

Robinson, a partner with Robinson Calcagnie Robinson Shapiro Davis, Inc. in Newport Beach, CA, was named a co-lead plaintiffs’ counsel in the portion of the class-action case accusing the carmaker of negligence causing wrongful death and injuries when U.S. District Judge James Selna consolidated claims in May 2010. Robinson is no stranger to auto-defect litigation. He litigated the landmark 1978 Ford Pinto fire case that ushered in the modern era of auto-defect litigation. “The time has now come to focus on the victims, the people who have experienced sudden unintended litigation,” Robinson told the Associated Press.

Rackaukas, who has been the Orange County district attorney since 1998, has pursued consumer causes against large corporations as the county’s top prosecutor. Early in his career, he prosecuted large oil companies for contaminating drinking water. “The job of the D.A., in my view, is to do everything that I can to enhance the safety of the community and enhance the community’s feeling that they’re as safe as we can help them be,” he has said. Girard, of Girardi | Keese, has litigating a wide variety of product-liability cases. He obtained a $4.85 billion settlement in litigation against Merck pharmaceutical company for personal injuries suffered by consumers who used Vioxx medication. Loyola’s Civil Justice Program honored Girardi as a Champion of Justice in 2005 and bestowed the same honor on Robinson in 2007.



After Thomas Girardi and James Brosnahan were honored in 2005, and Edith Matthai who was honored in 2006; on Friday, September 28, 2007 a tribute to Champions of Justice dinner was presented by The Civil Justice Program Loyola Law School to honor Thomas Nolan of Skadden Arps and Mark Robinson of Robinson Calcagnie Robinson. See source @:…


Monday, September 12, 2011

The State Bar Board of Governors has selected Angela Davis of Los Angeles and Mark P. Robinson Jr. of Newport Beach to join the Judicial Council of California, Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye said Friday.

The attorneys were appointed to three-year terms, which will commence Thursday.

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RICO Defendant:

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It’s not always clear to law firms trying to implement diversity programs how to reachout to the next generation in the community in a meaningful way, when many young people in thatcommunity have had little positive experience with the law – and their path to highereducation is filled with challenges. Bringing students into the firm for a pizza lunchdiscussion with attorneys is a popular event that can open the eyes of low-income minority kids. Mentoring programs and internships are profoundly important. But sometimes, a special event with a historical figure can be transformational.

Filmmaker Abby Ginzberg is a documentarian of social justice heroes. But it’s notjust the filming of people like Thelton Henderson (“Soul of Justice: TheltonHenderson’s American Journey”) or Arthur Kinoy (“Doing Justice: the Life and Trialsof Arthur Kinoy”). Ginzberg plans the timing of her documentaries so that the subjectcan tour with the film to communities across the country once they are completed. Fordiversity-oriented law firms, this can be an opportunity to bring youngsters face to facewith a historical figure who is eager to answer their questions and inspire them topursue their dreams.

A poignant example of this took place last June with the Orange County screening ofthe documentary, “Cruz Reynoso: Sowing the Seeds of Justice,” which was attended by50 high school students who participate in the UC Irvine Saturday Academy of Law, orSAL. SAL hosts a series of Saturday morning classes for Santa Ana Unified SchoolDistrict ninth graders, focusing on three main objectives for the students: improvingtheir writing and public speaking skills and helping them learn about the law as aprofession. Two hundred college-bound students have gone through this program,which was launched in 2009.

Our Diversity Committee’s Community Outreach subcommittee organized the eventand co-hosted it with the Orange County Diversity Task Force. The Orange County BarAssociation, Orange County Hispanic Bar Association, Orange County Asian AmericanBar Association, Mexican American Bar Foundation, Public Law Center, and theOrange County Bar Foundation all participated. Judge Frances Munoz, the firstLatina appointed to the State Bar, was there, as was UC Irvine vice chancellor ManuelGomez. Altogether about 150 people attended, including Ginzberg and Justice Reynoso.While there are plenty of people creating films that touch on diversity, Ginzberg is aninspired partner for an event of this kind. An attorney who practiced for 10 years, she’sdocumented successes of programs for at-risk and under served youth, AmeriCorpsmembers, and those who have been at the front lines of civil rights and grass rootsjustice issues.

She strongly believes that these screenings are far from opportunities to preach to thechoir. “The choir is a handful of people like myself devoted to social justice issues,” sheemphasizes. “The people who come to these screenings are people who haven’t thoughtabout any of this. They see a Hispanic surname in the title of the film and have enoughpride in their community that they want to see who this person is. They leave feelinginspired.” But, she adds, this film is not simply for Hispanics. “I’m looking for a diverseaudience for every film I do. This film has done a really good job of reaching beyond thechoir to people who have never heard of him.And, just in case you haven’t heard of him, Reynoso was born into a large Spanish-speaking farm worker family in Brea. Despite his father’s insistence that he forego hiseducation and work to help support the family, he stood his ground and attendedPomona College and then UC Berkeley Law School, graduating in 1958. From there hebecame the first Latino director of California Rural Legal Assistance and then one of thefirst Latino law professors in the United States, when he joined the faculty of theUniversity of New Mexico Law School. Years later he was appointed to the stateSupreme Court by Gov. Jerry Brown and later lost his seat in a divisive recall electionthat centered around the death penalty. Reynoso returned to private practice and alsojoined the faculty of the UCLA School of Law until 2001. In 2000, he served as vicechair on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, which addressed the voting rights abusesin the 2000 election in Florida. Capping his career was receiving the nation’s highestcivilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by President Bill Clinton. Today, heteaches law at UC Davis Law School.

“You take someone whose life has traversed really interesting parts of history andthrough the prism of biography you can teach history,” explains Ginzberg. “Andthrough the lens of history, teach a little biography. They’re mutually reinforcingefforts. My job is to preserve their legacy and help create role models.”She believes there’s a good reason to select older subjects. “They’re not going to bearound forever,” she notes. “If you pick your people carefully – and I do – that ability of an older person to inspire young people is pretty strong. Cruz manifests respect fromyoung people and has a liveliness of spirit that kids can respond to. And many of thesekids have never met anyone as successful as him. Cruz has been particularly open andwilling to do this. He’s humble and he’s accessible. It’s been an honor to go out withhim.”

Ginzberg has gone out with Cruz to many community screenings. At a recentAlameda County Office of Education event celebrating “History Day” at a local highschool, the question came up about re-establishing civil discourse when there are somany polarized fights going on. Ginzberg says that Reynoso and others of hisgeneration talk to young people about the importance of negotiating. “He told thesestudents that it doesn’t mean you can’t take your cause to the streets, but you don’tmake it impossible to communicate with the people you’re opposing. That’s a messagethese kids need to hear from someone who fought big battles in his time.”The documentary, of course, is important as an introduction to someone like JusticeReynoso. But the power of the event seems to be cemented in what happens afterwards.For the SAL students, it was a profoundly inspirational connection.

“The students were absolutely captivated,” recalls Karina Hamilton, SAL’s foundingdirector and now a volunteer with UC Irvine Mentors. “They learned about Californiahistory and the civil rights movement through Justice Reynoso. And he was soengaging. He answered all their questions, which ranged all over the place, includingthe new Arizona law and immigration, his background, and what kind of student hewas.”

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On October 29, 2012, plaintiff Daniel David Dydzak filed a motion to disqualify the Honorable Manuel L. Real, United States District Judge. Dkt. No. 12.

The motion was randomly assigned to this Court for ruling. Dkt. No. 13. Plaintiff brings his motion pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 455(a), (b)(1), (b)(2), and (b)(4), which require disqualification, inter alia, where a judge’s “impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”

As an initial matter, it appears this action was dismissed with prejudice on October 29, 2012. Dkt. No. 11. In light of the fact that no action is pending, it appears that the motion to recuse is moot. Plaintiff’s motion fails on this ground alone. In addition, even if this Court construes plaintiff’s motion as a motion to reconsider the dismissal with prejudice and to disqualify Judge Real, plaintiff’s motion is without merit. Judge Real did nothing more than enforce the unambiguous vexatious litigant order issued by Judge Coughenour in Case No. 11-cv-5560, Dkt. No. 35.1

The order clearly barred plaintiff from initiating any further litigation in this or any other federal court based on his disbarment. Id. at 10. Moreover, that Judge Real is a defendant in a separate matter brought by plaintiff is not—without more—sufficient grounds to disqualify him in other matters.

In order to prevail, plaintiff must set forth facts that show that a judge’s impartiality might reasonably be questioned. Here, plaintiff has asserted no facts that give rise to a question regarding Judge Real’s impartiality. 1 The Honorable Judge John C. Coughenour, District Court Judge for the Western District of Washington, sitting by designation of the Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit.

There is simply no showing that Judge Real acted improperly in this case by enforcing the order of Judge Coughenour. In accordance with the foregoing, plaintiff’s motion to disqualify is hereby DENIED.


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Embattled San Francisco-based Keker Van Nest and named partner John Keker are under scrutiny, yet again.

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